Parent Resources

We have put together some resources that might be helpful for you as we deal with this COVID-19 pandemic.  Please reach out to Ms. Connie or Ms. Amanda if there are other topics you would like resources for. 

Activities You Can Do At Home

We have put together some links to various different places that are doing some fun things during this COVID-19 pandemic.  Some things are local and some are not.  We hope that these are helpful to you! 

Facebook pages with special deals for activities to do at home or Facebook pages with awesome videos

YouTube Channels that have great activities

There are some great Science in 60 seconds videos. 

This is a whole series.  Mo shares some of the early drawings of some of his books then teaches a doodle.  It’s super fun and relaxing even for adults!

There are numerous authors who have videos of them reading one of their books. 

This is our favorite channel for Yoga during Creative Movement. 

Another favorite during Creative Movement.

Another favorite during Creative Movement.