CCYC's Response to COVID-19

We are doing our best to keep up with the rapidly changing mitigation regulations that have been put in place by DHS and IDPH.  We will continue to update you are changing are implemented.  Since this continues to be a fluid situation, Ms. Amanda and Ms. Connie continue to monitor recommendations from the CDC, IDPH, DHS, and our Child Care Nurse Consultant. Below is what we have currently put in place for CCYC.  If parents are working from home, then children should remain at home

Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures

No adults besides staff members will be allowed into the center.  Child drop off and pick will be done at the main security door.  Call the CCYC main number 515-280-3032, to let a staff member know that you are here so we can come to accept your child into care or bring them out to you at pick up time. 

  • We will be taking each child’s temperature at drop off.  Children with a temperature above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will not be allowed to enter CCYC.  Please be patient with us as drop off will take a little longer than usual.  Parents will need to remain present with your child until they are cleared for entry. 

  • Please maintain social distancing during drop off and pick up. 

  • Children must wash their hands as soon as they enter the center for 20 seconds (we have installed hand washing timers at all sinks), at regular intervals during the day and prior to leaving the center to go home.If you or your child show signs of an illness at drop off, your child will not be allowed to enter CCYC.

  • If you or your child show signs of an illness at drop off, your child will not be allowed to enter CCYC.

Mask Wearing at CCYC

  • Staff are required to wear a mask unless they are eating. 

  • School Age children are required to wear a mask unless they are eating.  We have several here at the center so you do not need to provide them for your child. 

  • Preschool children will be required to wear a mask. unless they are eating, or it is rest time. We ask that parents provide masks for your preschool age child as the ones we have do not fit the little children as well.  We would prefer 4-5 masks per child. 

  • Masks will be washed and dried on a daily basis at CCYC. 

Additional Health and Safety Messures

  • No stuffed animals/toys/pillows will be allowed to be brought from home.

  • Family style serving will be suspended during COVID-19.  Each child’s meal will be plated by staff and served directly to that child to prevent multiple children from touching and using the same serving utensil.  We will also serve the children their milk/water as well as keeping serving dishes on the serving cart instead of on the table.

  • Tooth brushing is suspended at this time due to the possibility of aerosol production, which is known to transmit COVID-19. 

  • All soft toys, pillows, dress up, and doll clothes will be removed from the classrooms immediately. 

  • All cot sheets and blankets will be washed and dried each day.

  • CCYC will limit the number of people in each classroom . 

  • We will have only one group of children and their teachers in the hallway at one time. 

  • We will stagger our gross motor times to allow for one group to be on the playground at a time. 

  • Outdoor play equipment in childcare settings should be routinely cleaned during COVID-19 but does not require disinfection.  The first group at CCYC out on the playground each day will clean all high touch surfaces made of metal and plastic, such as handrails, slides, and railings using soapy water, microfiber cleaning cloth, and dried with a towel. 

  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of doorknobs, handrails, and other commonly touched surfaces 

  • All field trips will be cancelled until further notice.  All deliveries, except food from Hy-Vee, will be accepted at the main door and brought in by a staff member.   

  • Spanish and dance classes are cancelled until further notice.  Creative movement time will continue to be held on a daily basis for each group and will be taught by CCYC staff. 

When can my child return to the program if they have been excluded due to illness?

People with COVID-19 symptoms who either tested positive for COVID-19 or did not get tested may return to care when:

  • No fever for 24 hours without fever reducing medication AND

  • Symptoms have improved AND

  • At least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared

People who have tested negative for COVID-19 and who are a close contact of a person who tested positive for COVID-19 should continue to self-quarantine for 14 days after their last exposure to the confirmed case. 

People with symptoms of COVID-19 who tested negative and who are not a close contact of a person who tested positive for COVID-19 can go back to daily activities 24 hours after they are fever free without fever reducing medication and other symptoms have resolved. 

Self Isolation Guidelines for Travel and Exposure to COVID-19

Iowans should stay at home and isolate themselves from other people and animals in the home in the following situations.  Isolation should be in place for 14 days after the last exposure. 

  • Traveled internationally outside of Iowa for business or vacation.

  • Live with someone who has symptoms of COVID-19 or tested positive for COVID-19. 

  • If you have prolonged contact with a co-worker who has tested positive for COVID-19 

  • You may enroll/return to the program after you have completed a 14 day self-isolation upon return to Iowa or after last exposure