Picasso 2 & 3 Year olds

These children, generally, need to be able to:

  • follow directions well enough to participate in group activities

  • begin to interact socially with other children

  • attempt to feed them selves using a spoon, fork, and a cup

  • function with only an afternoon nap

  • have an attention span of 5-10 minutes

  • possess some self-direction.  

  • Children during this year will toilet train, but do not have to be ready to begin training when they enroll in the Picasso Classroom.  

What makes the Picasso room unique from other programs?

  • Our curriculum includes a variety of intriguing activities that stimulate early brain development with a focus on creative play.  Lesson plans are created by the lead teacher utilizing a specific theme each week.  Children’s needs are taken into consideration when creating lesson plans for the children in our care. We want them to grow intellectually as well as emotionally. 

  • We have a fine arts focus at the center.  Each classroom teaches about an artist of the week where we introduce children to that artist at an age appropriate level.  We allow children to experience and experiment with that genre of art.  

  • Our classroom has a built-in loft which makes a perfect spot for our library nook.  

  • Children participate in 30 minutes of Creative Movement program each day.  Plus, children get an additional 45 minutes of gross motor play outside or in our indoor gym both in the morning and afternoon.  

  • Children go on field trips outside of the center at least once a month. Often, they go twice a month. 

  • Our classroom has large windows that are equipped with window guards to prevent injury from window falls. 

  • Family friendly special events throughout the year.  

Classroom Schedule

Picasso Specific Forms