Van Gogh 5-11 Year Olds

This classroom is for children

  • Enrolled in Kindergarten thru 5th grade from the Downtown School

  • Who need care after school as well as during intercession breaks. 

  • Who are able to follow safety procedures and directions while participating in CCYC activities.

What makes the Van Gogh room unique from other programs?

  • Children are placed into classrooms with children their own age levels.

  •  Children have the opportunity to participate in daily STEAM planned activities.

  • Children are able to spend 30-45 minutes of gross motor time either on our playground or in our indoor gym 

  • Children have 30 minute Creative Movement classes three days a week. 

  • Classrooms have large windows with window guards to prevent window falls. 

  • We offer flexible schedules during DTS Intercession days and summer.  We plan a daily field trip for the children in this group. 

Intercession Breaks/Summer Schedule

Sunflower and Starry Night
Daily Schedule